The sex ring says they are pressing the spoogy old cunt vagina lever remotes to hurt all their clitoral areas vaginas to chop them off in full
They lie they are sex addicts sex phens by how they looked in spy watch cams they do on them to see who they are having sex with
as they are voyerists peeping tom rapists sex offender criminals
they are naked underground waiting to rape them they are wasted on meth mastebate staring at ispy of them naked and say they always do this to them and lie they are bad people
no the ones doing this to them are the bad people
the moms and daughters are innocent nice people who are victims of these dangerous criminals who rape murder them and stare at them as a piece of meat
the wasted crack whore sex addicts are on the ispy
the people they do ispy on are victims
they are saying continue pressing the microwave remotes to hurt their pelvis area they are torture addicts serial killer pervert peeping tom rapists that murder them
they are the sex addicts for looking at them naked
they say they pick the ones who look so hot horny to them the killers 29 of them naked underground who wait to rape them
and say they go by how they are in private sex times with their man
and thats a man they are in love with making love
and they lie they can rape a person who looks that way in love
and say continue the microwave remotes
they are torturing people
they say they think its fine to do this to them?
for having a hot sex life in their past they say they are told they can put it in them?
they lie rape is legal?
they are criminals
Peeping tom is illegal they are voyerists sex offenders criminals
they say they are told its okay if they look so hot horny in spy watch cams
that thats their underground law in America and Internationally
in their sex slavery city they say they have their own laws
they do not follow the Constitution
and sit around trying to rape everybody
and torture their vagina clitoral areas invisibly
they need underground Police to arrest them NOW
they sit around commiting crimes on ispy


Jesus says you will be the one sorry to say your doing the work in a minute says God

As they will come after you

and say thats not your song

and its the song from the Ramones and its called up in the sky or name about something they say online

and they are lying its for them

and saying shes not the Lordess on earth because she wore True Religions

in 2005 when her Royal Heiness instuctions came to The City of Westlake Village for Nancy Fox because she communicates for God and was doing this on her Angel Board in River Farm and the person who communicates for God is always called a Royal

Throughout history

and the open vessel of God and Jesus Christ and The Virgin Mary is to be gaurded is why the Royal Heiness protection jobs were sent

as her ten thousand Angel Board religous jobs for the Prophet of the Century and last were ripped off by the satan greedy lying devils two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy who trampled all over the lawn on River Farm Drive

and said I’ll lie thats mine I’ll say thats my great job position that I am so much better suited for and lie its for us and they stole the Angel Board jobs sent for Nancy Fox

For the Lordesses on earth family who always the commicators for God Jesus and The Virgin Mary

and they are Nancy Gail Fox and Hannah-Grace Taylor born March 31st 1995

and they stole their religous communication jobs

and lied thats mine to do by spy watch cams

and the devils said we’ll do peeping tom on them and lie they are not the Royal family because they wear True Religions

to steal their Prophet religous communication jobs and Royal life style and estate plans she was to buy to protect her and her family

The open vessel of light mediums for God Jesus and The Virgin Mary

is they the Royal life style protect the Prophet plans were sent for them

and they said lets lie thats mine and say we are so much better suited for this position and lie its a folder job to put crime tips in folders and lie its a job that can be assigned

and no they are Nancy Foxs jobs and Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylors

and they made up fake profiles and stole her Royal Academy of Dance Ballet bag from her moms Highlander parked in their long driveway at River Farm

as they are the greedy lying peeping tom devils who steal and they are called the two or more sons of satan liar conspiracy

and they are saying they said shes not this person described in the notices they stole of hers that said a long legged graceful petite woman with such nice features who graces upon thee earth we walk upon as Gods Medium in every life time she is this

and the devils stole the religous Prophet jobs of Nancy Foxs and Hannah-Graces and The Saint Jessica Taylors angel board jobs off the River Farm front lawn

and the Angel Board Alliance jobs started to be sent for them in 2005 because they did angel board alliance readings at River Farm Drive

and of course they are their jobs they were sent to their names their address because they were doing the Angel Board there

and a bunch of crooks stole the jobs sent to hire them the experts for their psychic ability and spirtual life and they ripped them off outright and said Ill say thats mine and my royal life and Ill say thats me they described and they stole the jobs and the money of theirs and the instructions sent for them that said

pay off your house on River Farm Drive and gate the long driveway for your safety we see many Ouija Board angel board jobs are being sent for you and your daughter

and one hundred homes are around you for family and friends to live in to gaurd you with their life as your the open vessel for God and Jesus Christ

and Hannah Grace is for Virgin Mary in every life

and they stole the mail and lied thats mine and they stole the mail that said for Nancy Fox to buy many mansions

to buy seven hundred houses estates in the area for her staff to get her psychic crime tip angel board word answers from their questions sent

it said buy houses in a group of five so you have one and four around you so you are safe giving your Prophet tips to the messiahs you name to live around you and put your crime tips in a folder and send it fed ex to Senators

your daughters are to have limos wherever they go to school ballet and to the stables

and you are to have one going five miles an hour with a motor cade around it

and your money is sent to your banks

and they took it and lied thats my job

and the Ramones song is called ‘ Earth to Nancy”

thats what they say about a deep in thought medium whos mind reading criminals and a Philospher

and they are saying she wore True Religions and to them thats not a Royal Heiness

and stole the mail that said they are to buy Channel Suits on Rodeo

and have shopping sprees at Saks and Neimans and resort spy hotels are carte blanche Nancy Fox

and it said shes to buy designer clothing and have ten limos parked curb side and a make up hair wardrobe staff for them each morning

and china tea sets and flowers delivered everyday

and shes to speak at a podium her Prophet words as a medium

to save life on earth and to save the world by her work

and shes to have offices on the lake from 2006 to 2017 to stop sex slavery internationally and to stop human sex trafficking in Conejo Valley

and shes to do her angel board word spelling there and have some realtors do her escrows for her as she will be too busy doing her psychic readings

and shes to buy houses on the streets she loved as a realtor in North Ranch Country Club Estates Westlake Island and Gated Sherwood

and shes to have a house inside the gates on the lake in addition to the five estates bought for them in advance on the street at the first gaurd gate that runs past the lake with a view of the open space

and they stole the housing plan sent for Nancy Gail Fox the realtor sent to protect her and her daughters and her elderly mom who was to have a one story condominium at Summershore lane to be a stones throw away and the man named to gaurd them also and it said you shall buy ten estates from their to Beverly Hills for your residences in addition to the one you are to own around the world

Five thousand homes total you should buy with your Nancy G Fox Family funds sent to your banks thats yours and your daughters and one hundred grand is to go to your elderly mother each time its sent for Nancy G Fox Los Angeles County eight hundred million on a white brinks truck and Denise was to have her money also thats from Nancy Foxs funds for her Royal life style for designer clothing and a maid staff limos and the hair dresser and they stole it and lied thats our pay for our stop slavery housing job

and they stole the religous Protect the Prophet family plans all designed for their lifestyle in Westlake Village designed for them because they were residents there since 1997

and they had instructions on designer clothing the Costume Designer clothing expert Nancy G Fox was to buy and it said Saint Class for her and Charm school for them and a staff of twelve maids in each of their ten gaurd gated estates

and they stole the mail and lied thats my job I am so much better suited for this utmost important position to buy estates and sit in them and put crime tips in folders

and lied its for crime tips from spy watch cams that the ones underground do

and they are the wrong tips from the pedophiles clit cutter gyno torture chair movie snuff films rapists serial killers

they are in nine rooms times one hundred areas of California sex torturing humans

and they lie thats their stop slavery job and they run it

and they cover up their crimes

and they are lying thats their song ” Earth to Nancy” as the Ramones wrote it as they are so angry they keep saying shes a punk rocker so we said shes not the Lordess on earth described in the notices sent that they keep taking

and they said they are so much better qualified at being posed graceful sophisticated and to do spell check on her so sloppy work on her wordpresses and take her channel writer medium pay sent and lie its for spell check and no its for crime tips

and they are not qualified at all as its a crime tip job of a psychics and the money is for the crime tips and crowned a Lordess on earth for saving lives by Nancy Foxs psychic crime tips is why the mail is sent and God and Jesus and Virgin Mary decide who a Lordess on earth is and thats someone helping out the human population and sincere and wise honest forthright to save life on earth and the world

and they sit around stealing whats not theirs and cause harm in the world and ruin life on earth as they are dishonest women who lie cheat and steal

and they interfere with stopping sex slavery internationally

as the Medium For God crime tip Lordess on earth money is sent for Nancy Gail Fox

to stop sex slavery internationally and human sex traffick

and still its not stopped

and it could have stopped in 09 if they had not stolen the mail

and crimes could have been stopped in 05 if they had not stolen 10,000 Angel Board jobs

as everything sent for Nancy Fox and her daughters they lie thats mine the angel board crime tip jobs their Nancy G Fox family funds the Prophet family protection housing plan sent to protect Nancy G Fox the son of God psychic family and the Medium For God mail money and office money and stop traffick office money and Lordess on earth gifts the Lordesses of light and now the Ramones song ” Earth to Nancy” they lie thats mine

and the stolen notices say there is to be a limo each day at five am to seven thirty am parked curbside waiting for Nancy Gail Fox with many charged up lap tops to not loose time with her crime tips

and the whole point is for the crime tip communication

and they block the communication by sending fake crime tips and by doing fraud real estate with stolen money and by I D theft and stolen postal mail ups fed ex and by robbing the Nancy G Fox Los Angeles County money

as the whole point is to have a direct line of Prophet communication from Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters to save lives and save the world

and all the plans sent for this to go so smooth they stole

and it said pay off River Farm gate the driveway one hundred relatives and friends shall live in the houses bought or leased around you and they will hand you your Nancy G Fox mail and they will have one hundred mil of your money in a safe under their house for you in an emergency and they will have 100 white Apple lap tops to be your staff and you shall have Summershore lane condos by your house on River Farm and your friend in Lake Shore shall type your crime tip lists and many names were sent to be Nancy G Foxs assistants and it said fax your angel board answers from your house on River Farm and work at your office you can walk to Summershore and across the street to your office on the lake to do your crime tip angel board work and a boat can take you to Westlake Island to houses you should buy there as safe houses and safe houses in Gated Sherwood estates and in the old part on the lake so you are by Jessica at the riding stables and houses in gated Country Club estates so you can be by her high school and you shall have seven hundred people you hire by a list of names sent in addition the one hundred you should have already to get out your psychic crime tips and later and its all designed to get crime tips out so it can be a direct line of communication from Nancy Gail Fox to stop sex slavery internationally and human sex trafficking and thats the whole purpose of buying estates houses and it said she will have seven white limos and a estate in Hidden Valley to Gated Sherwood Estates to the old part on the lake to River Farm to Westlake Island to Country Club estates to Sherman Oaks Studio City Noho Beverly Hills and many houses will be paid for for safe houses wherever they are and they sit in the houses bought with stolen Nancy Fox money and send the wrong crime tips and its said she shall have a corner real estate office with a window and secretary desk and a limo to work and ten offices she shall have to buy her estates from as the owner the buyer and the realtor with her funds shes owns at her banks sent to Nancy G Fox Los Angeles County and they stole their money and lied thats my salary for sitting in an estate putting spy cam tips in folders and sending them to Senators and for buying many mansions with Nancy G Fox money and saying its our stop slavery real estate job position and we lie we are the Nancy G Fox Jessica and Hannah-Grace Taylor Corperation all the stolen money of theirs is in that account and thats the Nancy G Fox and family money of Nancy Jessica Hannahs and one hundred thou of their 800 mil they stole is Denise S Foxs from Nancy G Foxs estate inheritance as she willed her money to herself in their last life in Bel Air as the Ouija Board reader and thats the whole point the money of theirs is to be sent when their Ouija Board crime tip jobs are sent to protect them the Prophets

I’m praying my prayers will be answered so my life can be in a normal state of not having money stolen by I D theft

As my life was so wonderful and I reached a blissful state of serenity in our house on River Farm where I felt like a Saint

As I was told I was put on earth to do goodwill and safe the human race

So I bought an angel board and worked on everynight communicating for God and reached a psychic higher consiousness state

As I stared at the statue of Virgin Mary from our kitchen sink and the house I said I would never leave I was railroaded right out of and so were my kids

As I bought a one story for my mom to move in with my money from our house on Janlor Drive

And I said I want to live here the rest of my life and that I would never buy another house, this was it and I planned to double by ten year Realtor business in 09

and the devils took me down to the ground and railroaded us right out of our house

I bought it in 2005 and then my angel board arrived

and our mail box on a post was stalked for four hours at a time

and cars zoomed around our street and a black cloud fell over our blissful life

and I said I bet a realtor is after my business

I don’t have any enemys I said and only good karma is coming to me

As I don’t do anything wrong, I don’t lie cheat or steal, I’m an over honest Realtor and a great mom

Who could be stalking us I said scaring me to death

and my realtor portfolio was stolen from my car parked in our long driveway on River Farm Drive across from where the church bells chimed

and they stole Hannahs Royal Academy of Dance Ballet bag full of pointe shoes

and my moms diamond platnum heirloom rings around Thanksgiving in 2007 when we had all been to dinner at The Sportsman Lodge

and who done it ? I said

and then they stole her will living trust that I am the First Trustee of called The Denise S Fox Family Trust, its her individual living trust and her money is left to her three kids

and my brother lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life

at the same time they took her will living trust that Im First Trustee of

and they closed her checking account at Wells Fargo bank that I was POA On since 1978

and opened one with my sisters name and my moms

shes almost 98 and has memory losss

she was ruled with dementia in 2008

and they had her sign papers with memory loss in 2009 the week I was slandered and set up

and they made me broke and stuck

and identity theft I do say

as why were we stalked, and my robbed and was I set up ?

as I thought I realtor is after my buisness I bet , I said in 2008 when the cars zipped around and black cloud fell down

and my car broke down

and they didnt want me to borrow my moms car to drive her and my kids around

and to sell real estate

and they ruined my ten year realtor business

and I explain this since 2009 summer when I started faxing victims letters explaining the Best Moms life was ruined

I am sober since Feb 9th 1985

and our mail box was broken off the post twice

and a car stalked our mail box on a post for four hours liscense plate SEPAGO

as I memorize the facts of the crimes and report it since 2009

to get lawyers victims money to have our life back to normal

for almost nine years I request money to have our life the way it was

The Best Mom Story The Fox-Taylor Family for money to pay my moms trust attorney for money to sue everybody to audit banks to hire detectives to find out who did this to us at River Farm Drive?

and money has never come not a cent and it seems the ones doing this are the ones taking the victims money, probably

as who broke the mail box two times on the ground? in 2005 and 2006

and who broke in my Toyota Highlander parked in our long driveway in 2006?

who stole my realtor portfolio? and my daughters RAD ballet bag?

who stole Denise S Foxs rings from Ranchito Ave at Thanksgiving time? in 07

whos liscense plate is SEPAGO?

Who stole her will The Denise S Fox Family Trust that I am the First Trustee of in 2009? spring the week they slandered me

Who stole the cats from our yard Labor Day 2008?

who are the anonymous liars who called and lied to DCFS?

They lied my dreams I had when I was sleeping were dillusions and the lies were dimissed

in their entirety

and who are the people that lied my paypal email address was theirs ? the Medium For God DBA Business PayPal money of the business owner Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor the Best Mother

As it appears they victimized us and slandered me to steal my idenity

is anybody lying they are Nancy Gail Fox? aka Fox-Taylor The Best Mom and the Medium For God ?

this is what I am trying to prove

if you hear of anybody lying they are me please tell me

as I am trying to stop what appears as a paypal robbery

and postal cash theft as Ive requested Fox-Taylor Family Best Mom Victims Lawyers money since 2009 summer and I sent the facts everywhere

I have sent it out for almost nine years

and not cent has ever come

and I set up my Medium For God business in 2009 at Ranchito Avenue in Sherman Oaks at my moms

as we were railroaded out of our happy family home on River Farm Drive where I thought I would live the rest of my life and the plans for my daughters and my mom and I were ruined by the victimizing crimes that happened

and I wrote many letters explaining this to get money for a car to keep up my real estate business and I requested lawyers money and money for the mortgage on River Farm Drive

and I thought we would be back there in fall 2009 when school started to have our happy life back the way it was in The City Of Westlake Village

and this was my moms old age plan to live with us at River Farm Drive and thats why I bought a one story house

and we were railroaded right out in 2009 when I was slandered and set up and made broke and stuck and my car broke down

and they said we dont want you to borrow it and took her will and closed her account and opened one with my sisters name on it and lied I was sucidal and I have never been in my life

it seems they did this to lie Im not able to be The First Trustee of my moms Denise S Fox Family Trust

and she said she only wanted me in her business

and there we were with no money or car and a leaky roof on Ranchito

So I started my Medium For God Prophet writer business

and said I’m put on a different path I have to use my gift and started channel writing as a medium for many hours and faxed my work all over the world

and jumped right in with both feet

and said this is my proffesion now that I devote my heart and soul to and I channel wrote til my hand was numb and my pen dropped out of my hand

and I slept by the fax machine often faxing til I fell asleep

and I type for many long hours since I got three small lap tops in 2010 that fit in my purse

and I wrote my Medium For God channel writer resume’ in Dec 09 and faxed it and emailed it as Gods Medium for jobs

I sent it with book deal query letters hoping I could get fourteen grand upfront money to channel write my medium books

and I emailed night and day from my three lap tops my Medium For God channel writer resume’ and book deal query letters from Gods Medium and other email addresses

as I was trying to get money to pay an attorney to get my daughters custody

so I sent my Medium For God resume’ book deal query letters and my Best Mom Story

I explained all the victimizing and was trying to pay the mortgage on River Farm and get a car so we could be back there for school to start in fall

as she was at her fathers in North Hollywood ten minutes away

and shopped at The Sherman Oaks mall on Sunday and got our nails done

and I drove her to school when I finally got the car and then it got impounded after I dropped her off one day at Agoura High School as I sent in the smog check and they told me it  was automatic but I didnt have my car tags yet

and I had all the information in the glove compartment

so I was trying to get her custody by sending many Best Mom Stories to sue everyone who slandered me and for ruining my ten year real estate business

as I felt I should never have to work another day in my life for what they’ve done to ruin the life of a single mom whos sober in AA so long who does nothing wrong

who sold homes for so long as great single mom

and The Best Mom money is to sue them for ruining my ten year real estate business they destroyed and to get my daughters custody and now shes almost 23 and going to get married

now nearly nine years of time have gone by that the Best Mom money was requested for to loose family time and to have our lives back the way it was

and not  a cent has ever come

and it was to pay the River Farm Drive mortgage and I wrote many letters to hold on to the house and then in 2012 I lost my dream house

I worked so hard sending so many letters since 2009 summer and it seems nine years of victims lawyers money could be stolen

and its to pay lawyers audit banks and find out who stalked? who lied? who ruined our life? who broke in my car parked in the long driveway? who stole my moms diamond heirloom platnum rings? who did this to a great family ?

and they may be the ones who lied to my paypal merchant account email address

as a group lied my email address was theirs

As I set up my buisness in 09 the Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox channel writer buisness and emailed my heart and soul out for a book deal so I could have money to live and to get custody of my kids

To show I could provide and to pay the mortgage on River Farm Drive to be there to start school in the fall 09

as I bought the house for the floorplan my daughters had big bedrooms to be in while they were in college

and all night and day I dreaded being an empty nester

and thought I wont be they can live here at least for vacations as I was preparing for their life in college

and the house was for my moms old age and that was her plan

and her rings were stolen,her will , her bank account closed that I was POA On and her house was undersold and she was taken away to the mountains and never returned ‘

I thought it was just a vacation

as I lived with her in 2009 when they took me down and railroaded me out of our house on River Farm and I lived there in 2010 2011 and that fall I moved back to River Farm after they took my mom away and never returned her

then I got a foreclosure notice slapped on my front door at River Farm

and someone may have the Best Mom River Farm mortgage victims money in their bank

and the lawyers money and so on and so forth it does seem

as it may be the people who did the victimizing stalking slandering are taking the victimizing best Mom Fox-Taylor money that’s requested because of what they did

So my realtor business was destroyed in 09 so I started my Medium For God writers business in The San Fernando Valley at my moms and I jumped in with both feet working many long hours everyday

I wrote my Medium For God Prophet channel writer resume’ and I emailed it from Gods Medium and Book deal query letters and I ordered address labels for Ranchito the Medium For God and Prophet stationary with an Angel printed on it and I set up my Medium For God Prophet writer business and emailed from my three lap tops and bought a large printer copy fax and worked very hard

I set up other email addresses medium4god mediumtips etc in 2010

and I lost custody of my daughter in July 2010 as I dont believe my psych eval ruling made it to the commisioner

I think they threw it in the trash at the courthouse

as I was ruled a spritual lady whos a very long time sober in the program of AA who has psychic dreams since shes a child at a court hearing at my psych eval in Nov 2009

Not gravely disabled Not a danger to myself

and I faxed it in advance and brought five copies to court in July 2010

and I was told going without papers today the case is being dimissed

and I thought they meant dismissed as in dismissed as if it never happened

and then a few weeks later I saw Department of Child Family Protective Services papers I never received that were incorrect with mistakes

it said the mom did not provide her psych eval and I did

and a dismissed without prejudice lie was put back in

and this was weeks after the fact

the case was closed and I never saw the incorrect at court or before that I never received them from DCFS

and my ex got custody of Hannah-Grace in July 2010

and my mom said the girls can come live with us I got four bedrooms in the house

On Ranchito in Sherman Oaks

But they lived with their dad in the North Hollywood guest house

and Jessica was dismissed from the DCFS case in court in 09 thank Goodness as she turned 18 years old an adult age on Sept 17th 2009

and she was 18 when I had my psych eval court hearing around my 50th birthday over eight years ago so no one could lie they got any control of my money

as they someone might be taking it by the incorrect DCFS papers I never received is the hunch I have so it seems it could be

and my daughter moved to another county and turned 18 on March 31st 2013

and I registered my Medium For God channel Prophet writer business as a DBA doing business as an individual on April 4th 2013 and both my daughters were adults so the DCSF papers could have nothing to do with my paypal as the case was dismissed in July 2010 and I had a Superior Court Rule me a sound mind person around Nov 7th 2009 right after my 50th birthday and my daughter Jessica was 18 an adult and she stopped by to see me on her way to a San Diego Convention when I had my psych eval and Court Hearing that ruled me a long time sober spiritual lady who has psychic dreams

and a group  of people lied to aol and told them my paypal email address was theirs

and I bet thats the stalkers




Their lying its all handled to stopslaverypoetry wordpress

Their angry the Special Delivery Son of God poetry post is out

and on mediumtogod the flying angel wordpress

and their lying on messenger facebook its all fine so swell and are saying dont breathe a word of it to them at AA meetings

the AA men they send ispy from toliets to they are sex addicts who view it masterbate and wait to gang fuck them in hotels

their underground lying its all fine so swell under L A county Sir Mam we are just saving some more kids from their bad moms

They lie they got old spoogy infected ones and say they have to remove them all so pronto underground in their clean meticulous sterile dugs outs in thirty nine gynological chairs where they eat their  hot wet pussy out all day into the deep dark dick night

as its a sex ring who makes kiddy porn torture snuff movies

they are on meth heroin wasted junkys sex addicts looking at vaginas clits in toliet bowl ispy’

they message online saying the poor thing shes so used up looking an old hag oh no oh dear me and use the same brain washing lines for years to get them under here

she says shes calling out to authoritys saying twenty more women and all their great amounts of kids shes got to wash out their uterus vaginas and remove their too long so huge clito its all swollen she viewed it in her spy watch cam in the toliet bowl and says its got to come off now or they may have a sezure and says they always tell this lie to get them now fast pronto she says to save their poor thing life

the men are calling \cabs to get girls from malls their houses

they are a sex ring

They say their still trying to get more people in the wagons they are aiming messaging text its been facebook messengering

Lying they need some really quick so fast help say the clitoral cutters female mutilation kids porn snuff rings under areas where the women and daughters are

They are lying they need a big huge so sore too fat so wide now round swollen up big old stinky clito cut right off for cumming so much

That’s all these sick freaks think of

Cutting off clitorses

They say its their job position .

Its written in their job description so detailed to remove it after ten hours of oral penetration after all their so hugest men stick it in them in the coverall rented wardrobe with name tags embroidered Fred Hank old fashioned names by the old day snuff movie business the run under California

Their under Encino

Sherman Oaks

Studio City

North Hollywood Arts District

Sherman Way and mid valley areas

Jumping in man holes

Hollywood and Highland its been Santa Monica and Vine

Mc Carther Park

Northern Calif

Under 89 places of California are the clit cutter liars

Calling 9 1 1s to get people

Calling hospitals lying

They lie all night long in their rooms under Los Angeles County and lease buy houses all around the person

They say they are told to cut them away

They get a list of names

They lie they are not breaking the law

The lie their the son of God Nancy Gail Fox Los Angeles save life operation top secret authority to break laws to save a life the stolen mail says

And I am Nancy Gail Fox

And I say don’t cut any clitoruses off

Don’t look at anyone in peeping tom

Don’t let them call for medical attention

Don’t let them force shots medication or order surgery

That’s how they take people to human slavery


They get information on the person by spy cam equipment

They call people they know and say she said this about such and such

She said this about her business who she plans to hire someday when she goes LLC for example a list they steal and get bugging tapping phones they call people and say she said this and that and they never talk to the person

And say lie to everyone and say she wrote her list and has amends to make in person for example and give the wrong information to people

And says she’s planning this and that on her to do list and is not doing as she plans we say she’s a lazy bum and send someone else her earned job in an email a phone call and its brain storming lists a person makes thinks of to do someday

And they lie about everything to everyone and steal their money mail PayPal and all sent for the person

They say they have a voice synthesizer and record voices and play it for authoritys mostly and for people the person knows and act like they said it

They tell people they cover a person in need of medical attention by sitting down here on spy equipment hacking tapping cells

They tell people don’t interfere stay back we are covering in our own fashion .

Its to cut off clitoruses a surgery they do not want or need that no female would ever do and the person never hears about it

Its an illegal clitoral cutting female mutilation organized crime business criminals are running under the streets of L A county 99 areas of California they do this illegal surgery medical malpractice to moms and daughters of all ages .

They are sex torturred gang raped murdered in snuff films kids porn

It’s human sacrifice

Run by an antichrist cult who don’t like mothers having another man in the birth canal.

They find single moms who filed for the divorce head of household who have daughters and so peeping tom spy watch cams on their private areas

They say they find big clitoruses to cut them off

And moms who have multiple orgasms

And put them on the list to off

They lied shes not the type for this work by her upbringing

I grew up on Ranchito Sherman Oaks

Then lived on Ethel by Ventura Blvd and Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks California

I lived on Colfax Ave Studio City

I bought a condo in Studio City on Aqua Vista

A house on Valley Glen on Colbath Ave they lie thats white trash from Van Nuys , it was a quarter acre house with three walnut trees a ranch style house with french doors and windows with maple hardwood floors that the builder built for himself in a walnut grove a 1940s ranch style house that I decorated with antique furniture and a lovely landscaped house with a fountain where we had many garden parties a charming house I would say as a ten year real estate lady

we lived there from 1992 to 1997

and I kept having clairvoyant visions of a sign in Westlake Village flashing before my eyes

and we decided to move to the suberbs for the schools and clean air and  the safest city in America it said about the city next door so we decided to buy a tract home and I would stay home

and moved to Janlor in 1997 and in 2005 I upgraded it to sell it and moved to River Farm Drive in The Trails Estates

and they are lying NOT about the truth and facts on facebook messenger

as they work for the human sacrifice cult leaders

Shes steal stealing notices that say attack set up if one more person is taken

Shes changing them as she always does she lies shes the Nancy Gail Fox son of God save life family job and authority and shes a nobody

Shes the Calabasas mom whos pretending shes that job position and authority

as I am Nancy Gail Fox the psychic son of God

and she stole my angel board save life jobs and my daughters save life jobs from our house on River Farm

and planned it out with the two or more lied sons of satan conspiracy who wanted to rob 800 million dollars of money sent to banks

They lie thats federal goverment money they can spend

by lying they are the Nancy Gail Fox save life job position

Their names were on a list for me to hire them

They stole it

and lied they are the Nancy Gail Fox job position

to steal 800 million

they lie NOT psychic at all ever in her life in any way shape or form NOT her true fact Best Mom Story she wrote all alone My DCFS Victimizing Story The Best mom they steal all the money sent for it

And I am an expert in English always an A a great speller academic English at Valley College Creative Writing my elective at Grant High the magazine staff and poet my whole life writing is my love and I studied to be a screenplay writer a long time and thats why I started working on movies in 1979

and they lie NOT a real writer ever at all in her life in any way shape of form whatsoever at all and thats a plain and sheer utter fact

and thats a lie

as I am a writer my whole life

and they rob my writing money

thats what they sit underground stealing

and lie NOT her paypal or postal cash that we all did not take we say thats for us sitting her covering a case file a gravely disabled retard

and lie another person is a Lordess on earth and sent her stolen gowns sent for Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters the shopping list sent for Nancy Fox to buy a rack of clothes at Neimans the list for her to go to events at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Gromans Chinese Theatre Beverly Hilton Beverly Hills Hotel says Nancy Fox is to wear the gowns the United Nations sent as presents for her wordpresses she sends us for years to stop the crimes over her and to wear the cultured pearls we sent as a gift and to wear the diamond ring we sent from the United Nations

They stole it and sent it to a fraud and sent her Nancy Foxs photo shoot instructions

and the list of safe houses sent in the mail for Nancy Gail Fox and her daughters to live

Fryman Iredale houses in Studio City and many other places and for Nancy Fox to buy six estates for them in Encino where she lives now

and they stole it and said say thats for you and just keep it and said too late now today as they are killing people for doing this

as they planned fifty events for Nancy Gail Fox and Jessica D Taylor and Hannah-Grace Taylor to wear the lovely clothing presents and to go to the important occasions in their honor to say your the Nancy Gail Fox son of God psychic spriritual geru 12 step program family saving life on earth

said matching purses many colors of hose for them and the shoe stretcher at hand shes to waltz at several occasions and  they stole the invitations and told someone else to attend

and said take photos in the gowns on a lawn and be prepared to sing a song

and many important gala affairs planned were stolen by someone lying shes the Nancy Gail Fox job position as many tell this lie for years

as they steal the mail underground by casing the areas by spy cams and send the stolen clothes and invitations to other women

they tell them to lie this is your assignment and to appear

and they do this evil wicked game for many years

and now says anyone interfering with this stop slavery internationally announcement will be shoot in the head or electricuted on television gased to death as many are dead due to this occurance

it says or else on all of it

and says give her the shopping list put the paypal in her bank where its supposed to be for over 5 years and its to go automatically on her paypal credit card

and they steal it underground by hacking and send stolen paypal to collect it

and its 900 million gowns stolen they say and over 900 zillion in best mom story money and over 800 million an hour paypal thats mostly for her Jesus Christ is My Savior Poem and that states for our Prophetess writer whos saving lives to buy an estate safe house for your daughters your mom and yourself and to buy lovely clothes a luxury vechicle as all the Prophet automobiles are stolen and best mom cars for Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor and her daughters

and they are saying they did not know its for the real Nancy Gail Fox to have this occur so slavery can finally stop

they lied its another persons to the news stations from down under and told them they sent it to them and thats how they see it as they think its about the luxury life personality and lied Nancy Gail Fox has never been that way and always is

and they lied a Costume Designer who shopped for designer clothing for years in Beverly Hills who showed estate properties for 10 years is not the type for a luxury life when I am always the type I am just a down to earth humble person but I am an expert in Designer Clothing and in estates and they lied I am not the type for a luxury life?

They said they go by Janlor Drive an orginal tract home in that part of town to them a stay at home mom is not the one to be in this position and thats what the snobs said in The City of Westlake Village in 1997 when they stole her mail that said to buy many estates and that her money was at five banks

and I am a humble person but the first day I took Jessica to school I drove around straight to The Trails and said this is where I want to live because all the houses are different and they have large lots

and I am always this type of person I am just humble and down to earth and didnt brag about who I know in Westlake Village

as I grew up in Sherman Oaks California and always knew famous people and lived by the Fashion Square Mall and grew up around families with money and I later became a Costume Designer on movies and I always bought myself designer clothing

I had an apartment in Studio City in my early 20s and two closets full of linen suits and designer clothes and this was my job to shop at Macys Nordstroms Saks Fifth Avenue Neiman Marcus Rodeo Drive thats what I did for years

and I often wore a linen suit or black blazer and pearls and considered myself a classy dresser

and I have always been one into decorating my home and cooking gourmet food and eating on china and thats my personality as I am creative and visual and like nice surrondings

I was just not one to brag as I am a humble down to earth person and I am a movie business person that was my proffesion for many years

and we moved to the suberbs and I gave up being a Costume Designer to be a full time mother

and thats what I did for three and one half years we lived in the original tract home so I could stay home with my kids

and they are lying shes not the type for this job position to be in charge of stopping sex slavery internationally from Los Angeles County and to to be in charge of the safety of the citizens of The United States of America

and its my custom designed job sent for me that they stole

that said she shall stop them from smuggling humans underground by her words she spells on her angel board