She says her mission is to cut off every one of them their so long clits that she saw have too many long you know whats
She says thats always been her mission to take off every single one for doing that for being that way ever in their life
She says she hates them all so dam stinky much for having long orgasms
Great sex and love making she spies on and hates it when women have mulitple orgasms
She sees them in her spy cams
She says get that stinky thing off for being like that
for having what she calls hot kinky sex in lust
she lies its that
as its not that to the women
its just great love making and multiple orgasms that they feel happy about
they feel great making love with a man they are in a relationship with them
and she lies their love making is hot kinky lust sex and says its wrong to be like that in heat in the middle of the dam stinky day at noon time in the daylight
it makes her so sick to her stomach watching them all doing that
yet she keeps staring at orgasms saying cut their clitorus off for being like that
to her thats a sex addict sex phen a really bad person for doing that
when shes the bad person for watching them doing that
its supposed to be private sex
she says I can view anyone I stinky dam want thats my save life mission my version I rewrite the save life jobs in the mail I take not steal
and really she steals them
she says she gets the save life mission jobs that are Nancy Gail Foxs
she steals them rewrites them and lies that she has a commander save life job
and lies she can do whatever she wants
and says thats the way I see it any women doing that long O moaning act in bed is a whore hooker type to me who would infect everybody
she sends lies on recipe cards for her clitoral cutters to say
the lines say the opposite of the womens personalitys
over faithful nice women who never cheated in their marriage
who are monogamous and faithful loyal woman who are only with one man she lies are sex addicts sex phens who would infect everyone
and they dont have casual sex or cheat
many had no sex at all for ages
then they are with a man after they get divorced
and she spies on their orgasms in DCFS CPS spy cams she has installed to look at vaginas and clitoruses having orgasms
she sits around counting them and lies thats a whore lady sex phen sex addict who would infect everybody
and no they are with one person only
and no one at all usally for many years
most are with no man since their ex husband
and she says the opposite on recipe cards and has the clitoral cutters of hers send lies all over on messenger
she says thats the way I always dam stinky get them forced shots in thier but
I call it a but shot
I say thats fine to tie off women who dont party
I say give them what they need to relax them for some really needed therapy in our hotel rooms we all arranged
she has them shot up 12 times with meth heroin
they gang rape the kids in front of them hand cuffed
she lies the stop slavery Nancy Gail Fox carte blanche job suites are hers
they gang rape murder the moms and daughters in stolen hotel rooms
she says I do what I want
I do this to them since 1998 and since the late 1979s when I got in on it really big then
I get the Nancy Gail Fox crime tip save life psychic mail thats for her to stop human slavery internationally and lie thats by job and run slavery
I got her ten year of Medium For God mail also
I got her ten years of ups fed ex gifts sent for her to wear
diamonds Tiffany gifts car presents its not stealing at all or I D theft she lies
Shes got groups of women she sends stolen ups fed ex jewerly clothing outfits to fed ex to their door step
its stolen property she robbed from ups fed ex trucks
the gifts are for the Medium For God Nancy Gail Fox
she writes them notes and says wear this outfit at 9 am and 10 pm and drop off the folders we did, drive the car sent and wear the silver chains with floating hearts that were sent
that stolen mail said this is for Nancy Gail Foxs assistants
I do not have any assistants
she has 2000 women in L A and California wearing stolen gifts driving stolen cars
They are dropping off her folders lying they are the Gods Medium group and the Medium For God brigade
their lying thats not I D Theft
the women say the outfits show up fed exed to their front door with little tags on them
they say wear this to the mall today and lie your Gods Medium and the Medium For God brigade and hand out folders everyplace for one hour and take the paypal sent from the leader who lies shes the commander
the paypal they rob by hacking and send it to this clitoral cutter freak
she sends it to their email addresses and says thanks for all you do I really do appreciate it
and she says take the pay and say thats for dropping off folders for one hour
and the stolen mail says thats for Nancy Gail Fox the Medium For God channel writer for her decade of stop sex slavery internationally psychic crime tip work shes sent all over the whole world to save people
she sends a bogus paper for them to sign
it lies Nancy Gail Fox is a really dumb stupidest retard dumb lame brain idiot shes a retarded citizen she was ruled gravely disabled at a psych eval ten years ago shes dislexic and a dumb lame brain idiot who does not know her ass from a hole in the ground
total lies this satan serial killer insane criminals tells
she says they all sign it immediately because I tell them they can each have 800 million and says not stolen at all but is
its the Nancy Gail Fox and Hannah-Grace Lordess on earth bank accounts in Bel Air that shes trying to rob