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The killers say they all planned it out

To take everything sent for Nancy Foxs crime tips

They say Miss Fox and lie they are covering by computer devices

No they hack rob money change the psychic crime tips

They are the criminals I report doing this

Today they say they are wearing street clothes and carry clip boards

They say the psychic crime tip about them wearning colored nurse smocks and lab coats got out

They are running around as always in packs lying they are helping out

One is a pedophile who pretends shes Child Protecting and she says she does it to eat their pussy
She says in her glasses or contacts now that are many shades no one knows its her as she changes her looks all the time

She says shes called the school marm and shes five ft three or five two blond shes been and wears glasses and has no chin

She says her gig is eating out five year olds in a real pretty dress

She buys the party dresses in the Westfield Malls for so long and Mary Jane shoes its been and she does it for her meth injection

She says shes addicted to the five year old girls soft skin flesh so brand new she likes the taste of it they are spreaad eagle on a stand they have that they say is for an examination

and no its for her child molesting

she says shes done it for so long down under a way down under that no one knows shes a child molestor

she gets the pretty four and five year old girls by framing the nice moms

She shows up with a bumps and bruises report at the house and says I am DCFS here to take your kids by emergency custody

She wisks the moms away by medical vans and so on

she takes them away and lies their pretty little swollien egotistical heads are much too over grown

so no one knows shes a pedophile

she gets their kids in the tall white medical observation unit vans by a pack of them and the men stick it in them right then and there she ties them off on thier arms and shoots needles in them

the soft pink skin shes addicted to its her gig she says

she says she goes around scooping up kids at day care pre schools and says they need immunizations by Dept of Child Protective Family Services

She does computer hacking and steals the stop sex slavery internationally stop trafficking paypal

She says thats her family movie business company and they have done this for so many long ages

She says her gig is sucking cunts of kids not their moms

she says the youth group sucks on the moms

the girls doing that are 21 to 30 years old now trained when they were 11 to 19 years old and they are onto the 21 year old from the Borchard Rd bus stop Newbury Park or Dos Vientos Calif they always yell a C A L I F O R N I A !!!!!!!!! online all the time a good ol California they say

She says the 21 year old is so obvious shes the one who says whats the matter with it?

she says she thinks its fine to do this to them because they are bad moms they had orgasms in row that they saw in their spy cams, she says that was their day off or lunchtime break in the day and those are the single moms they frame who are bad to them for doing that, thats what they are told by the LA Vinas men the LA Vina Brothers Incorperted told them its bad for a single mom to be with a man whos not ever the dad at all on their day off and to waste time doing that, some are the dad though also and unwed moms they do in from the get go, they show up at birthing wards hospitals and take them right when they are born and some of their group likes to eat the babies cunts an hour old she says

she says I think its fine to do that to them its to teach the bad moms a real needed lesson

they are told a mom having three orgasms in a row is a really dirty filthy bad person and they are not supposed to do that to them, they are not supposed to have sex at home when they kids are gone in the daytime in the daylight and they hate them all so dam much for being that way, thats the way they are trained

they are told to do them all in because they had three long orgasms

they see them in spy cams they put in houses and underpants and look at them and watch them have sex

they are single moms unwed mothers and divorced legally usually

they have sex with their boyfriend in the day because they dont want their kids to know

they dont want a step dad or their boyfriend moving in or sleeping over is why

and they lie thats wrong when no one should ever know



There are 10 of them they say

They are saying they are from the burbs a B A B Y !!!!!!!!! ten explanations in their facebook messages

They are saying they do this for good purpose

They say they force shots to get them down and out

They shoot people up with meth and heroin cleaner injections

They lie these people who dont do drugs are wasted crack whores

No they are

The criminals doing this to them are addicted to meth and heroin

They are the sex addicts whores they have sex with the La Vina Brothers Incorperated

They have sex with each other

They say they all eat each others cunts and are ever so addicted to it

They say they dont know whats ever the matter with it?

They were 12 and 14 most of them were in 09 spring when they were trained taken from 9th grade and 12th grade many are 28 years old now

They say they do orgys films with each other underground and in their houses apartments its been and hotels often

A big old sex party they call it amongt themselves on facebook messenger

They type in their bras and underwear in computer hacker rooms

My psychic readings say a kiddy porn snuff movie human sex torture ring say they work for Department of Child Family Protective Services in The San Fernando Valley California and CPS Oxnard

They say they are DCFS CPS and Department of Health and Welfare Services, Child Welfare etc. every Goverment Agency name they use so people think they are helping and they get kids this way and every age person for kids porn and snuff movies. They make gyno chair toture films, they call them clito cutting clitoral pressure flicks, they strap them in gyno chairs and do sex torture to them for ten hours. They sex torture girls in Target chairs strapped chained down to them, they do sex torture to them for ten hours, they sex torture daughters and mothers in front of each other and some boys they call them sons. They take sons and adopt them also and take the girls and moms, they get newborns an hour old for newborn sex torture movies and newborns a day old and every age baby my psychic readings say as its a human sex torture operation.

They say they are doing clito pressure to make them see what its like to have so many orgasms, they lie women who have orgasms are sex addicts, sex phens, they spy on normal love making in ispy they put in houses to lie DCFS CPS is covering a family for safety when really they are covering for their kiddy porn snuff movie casting. They say they make the daughters see the moms cumming in the gyno chairs in front of them while they sex torture them at the same time. They say they do this to punish moms for having orgasms. They kill the daughters after the make the films on the DCFS CPS case workers cells, they hang them by the chains they strap them to Target lawn chairs with. This is what my psychic readings say everyday for a long time. There are so many of these sex addict drug addict child molestor rapist serial killers making the films that its hard to stop them.

My readings say there are groups of young women doing this to people, they are ages 21 to 29 in the San Fernando Valley making kiddy porn newborn torture snuff films for over 10 years since they were ages 11 to 19 years old. My readings say this everyday, they were trained to do this to people when they were 11 years old, 12, 13, 14 mostly, they were in the 9th grade in 2009 when they were trained to sex torture people, they were shot up with meth and heroin then and are everyday since and are controled by it, many were in 9th grade and 12th grade when they were trained in April to June 2009. They are from the burbs they tell people and wear colored lab coats and smocks over their clothes and run around to get people by forcing shots. They say we are working for DCFS and CPS Oxnard we are helping out wasted used up old hag crack whores our secret case files and known case files. some are closed ages ago , years back they say, some are brand spankin new like that fresh baby we are trying to take to eat them all out at the same time for our flicks we do yum yum, we work for the La Vina Brothers Incorperated, a tall 79 year old man whos about 6 ft 7 and 5/8 tall hes the kids porn newborn toture snuff flick director. he sends meth injections and heroin junk after they say. This group is one of many City Hall Computer techy youth groups in California trained. They are mostly blond and attractive and some are dark haired and petite and they fool everybody by their height and silly sayings, they are funny and joke around all over in public places so people think they are so nice helping out and don’t suspect them of murdering people and they take babies from hospitals they say and right away, they plan it out, show up in a pack of twenty nine women or ten or eight and not less than that usually. Sometimes several are out lying wearing civillian clothes, they brain wash people in Westfield Malls, Starbucks coffee, Ralphs Vons Gelsons and Car Washes, thats the way they do it they say, they come up from the snuff movie set rooms that are underground that they built that they say are spy cam observation medical watch L A Watch Dogs DCFS CPS Head Quarters Dept of Health and Welfare R N Case workers, they are fat from that office, they pretend they help with shots, they do kiddy porn naked with the kids they get and cut off clitoruses. Two fat women are Dept Health and Welfare and DCFS case workers are with them and the 89 Youth Group computer technicians who say they work for City Halls, they say they are top secretest, they work for the Levine Brothers Incorperated or La Vina Brothers Incorpertated, men in tall white vans they drive around with picking up people for kids porn and snuff films.


They say they are doing this to make them sweat

to get them all down and out by forcing 12 shots in a row of meth heroin its been but now now !!!!!! they say

they say they want to kiss their bottoms the new line they say on aim all day night

into the deep dick in a kid night the 89 bratty killers say

they say that others think they are so nice

they say here Sir are some gifts

here kids

here to all they can at dept stores also

they rob Medium For God thank you crime tip gifts sent for Nancy Gail Fox

and they steal them from trucks ups fed ex and rip them off

they run around the lying brats pedophile serial killers in packs

saying here are some gifts we brought