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The hacking paypal theives are saying

When that 100 mil an hour came in May 2013 right after Miss Fox our medium so called anyway opened her paypal we took it all

We sat on a plank of wood under North Hollywood CA went under Radio Shack in that pod mall on Vineland and Magnolia Blvd right after we took her Medium For God Chase Bank business money that’s right across from where Radio Shack used to be

and right after that we took her Medium For God DBA Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor mail from her P O Box out the back

from Noho Pack N Ship

we took it across the street to Ralphs Market Wells Fargo after opening it taking the cash out

we deposited it in the bank account of Denise S Fox Wells Fargo

we lie thats our pay for covering a gravely disabled individual

by whiting out her psych eval from fall 09 that ruled her NOT gravely disabled

we white out her Medium For God business registration where it says owned by an individual

and lie its our corperation

and lie shes our medium when shes not ever at all

its her owned business and only hers and we take it all

and it started then straightaway in mid May 2010 or early June we say the beginning of May 2013 thou for really when it all came

100 mil an hour 24 hours a day stolen then

sent for her mediumtogod flying angel wordpress as she planned

we lie she did not plan it out at all but she did and we steal every single penny this whole time and do this for so many great longest ages

since we stole her psychic angel board jobs from River Farm Drive that was in 2005 and 2006 2007 2008 and still are taking them from there

we take all her mail there also from The Thousand Oaks Post office and from 20 other Post Offices and lie thats our corperate mail

when none of it is theirs at all

they stole the psychic angel board jobs in the mail sent to her real estate office in 2005 to 2008 and still are stealing from those places

and we set her up to DCFS on purpose all planned to do the I D Theft

in 2009 we started getting her Medium For God channel writing mail that was sent for her work on Ranchito Ave Sherman Oaks CA at her moms house where she set her Medium For God business up

and took it from those post offices and sent the ups fed ex trucks to the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall and unloaded them

lied thats our corperation

all by white out

whiting out her Medium For God business registration we did when she opened it and lied to Noho Pack N Ship

and lied to paypal

and stole her mail in 2012 from her Sherman Oaks P O Box on Ventura Blvd by Allott

and sat under that coffee shop on the corner and went upstairs from the hacking rooms full of computer technicians who steal from her and they all took her Medium For God mail from there from that P O Box and her victims mail and money sent for the Fox-Taylor Family for justice and thats 11 years of stolen victims money

11 years of stolen postal mail money

7 years of stolen paypal money

all by white out

and in 2012 we stole her mail money from her Sherman Oaks apartment address on Moorpark Street East of Allot that backed to the wash

and then went to North Hollywood when she did in spring 2013

when she put her paypal on everything

she put it on her 7 months of wordpresses she did in Sherman Oaks before she moved to North Hollywood CA

and then 100 mil an hour came for the wordpresses she did since Sept 1st 2012 in Sherman Oaks California like she planned

as she worked from 5 am to 10 pm writing on her wordpresses

and its all her money for her work she does alone as a medium channel writer and its for poetry and for youtubes since spring 2013

much of the stolen money is for her 100 youtubes from her youtube channel

and its for her 30 wordpresses that are set up by her email addresses

Gods Medium is medium4godjesuschannelwriter.wordpress and thats also Lincolns wordpress Lennon George Harrison and so on psychic medium wordpress emergency angel and so on

and its for medium4jesusgod.wordpress set up by her paypal email address is mediumtogod.wordpress

and stopslaverypoetry.wordpress is wordpresses all by Nancy Foxs email addresses

the email addresses are connected to to Nancy Fox paypal

and its her money and it can be transferred to Nancy G Fox Wells Fargo

they hack steal it and send paypal to Denise S Fox Wells Fargo and lie thats their corperation funds

and its all for one person

as I planned to make money to stop slavery

and I set out to do this in 2009

and I wrote many emails all the time and sent them non stop for money and they steal every dime

Psychic crime tips

To stop I D theft

The criminals who rob me are lying to banks

Their lying that’s our paypal for collecting it

Down in our rooms

We are computer technicians

Getting it each and every time its sent

By grabbing it taking it

When its sent to her email addresses

We send it to Denise S. Fox Wells Fargo

and to fifty banks

and pretend its ours

and its all Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylors

The individual Medium For God DBA sole business owner

sent to her email addresses as she planned when she set her paypal up to make alot of money to stop sex slavery internationally

and its all automatic

its sent to her 7 email addresses

and the 7 email addresses that are only hers are connected in her paypal account

each time its sent to one of them its supposed to go automatically to her paypal email

and then its supposed to show up in her paypal account

and in her new mail

and its to go automatically on her paypal business credit card Nancy Fox

and they steal it all

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The gang stalker serial killers say

We are down here

Saying we did the Medium For God work

It’s my work, they steal my business money mail ups fed ex western union paypal car gifts victims money sent for the Fox-Taylor Family

they rob my money thats for my fifty sites on the internet

they say ten of us are down here, we eat hot cunts on meth for our leader who watches it on her cell phones

we say we get them all off to wack it all off all the bitches we get

we are from the wholesomest suberbs covering wasted crack whores in thou valley

are the words they are saying

really they are the wasted crack whores killing raping child molesting for their meth and heroin

they lie about nice women who don’t do any drugs

they say we are from The Landing in our wholesomest suberb area in the vicinty of the outskirts of L A County about 10 to 20 minutes from here

and we are also from Ventura County on the border all the way to Dos Vientos eating thou precious cunts on our so needed meth of the precious kids we get so we all get out meth

we do it since 2011 we are saying since 2010 mid June to July we started in on them on all their vaginas for really now

really it was Mid June graduation time we all got so well dam spankin trained in 09 12th grade Senior year we say that all the time in our great Senior year taken from our High School from our class called out on the great hallway speaker phone taken by some really nice down to earth down to earth thou realtors we tell that lie all the time as the stolen mail we take always states

Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor a past realtor was so down to earth a keep to herself person who worked so hard to get where she was and made no waves in that community and we demand Justice today

they steal the mail and rob the cash sent for the victim Nancy Fox, since 2009 they rob it, its sent by my 11 years of Injustice letters

they say the realtors took them that so dam famous day in mid June right at around Graduation time 12th grade and 9th graders to get trained to become top secretest agents and realtors got trained to cut them off their whole dam stinky one thats what we all call them

so we all suck so really dam hard for meth before and heroin after thats not junk to us, we all do each other with our so famous hands all day and finger each other also and have a ring on the hard cement floor in our not gang stalker at all so famous rooms to get all reved up but naked for a snuff film its not that its killing off the jerks on the earth to take them all so down below with their really dam nice kids we smack upside the cheek bone to do them all so in for our meth injections then heroin straightaway afterwards the flicks

and thats 89 of us doing this taken mid June 09

and we say we are down here all the time 10 of us right spankin now we are all lying about Nancy Gail Foxs psych eval from 11 years we all set her up for that the normal well known Nancy Fox ruled that also ruled normal

we all lie so no one ever knows we do that and killed so many dam people this past eleven years for our meth and heroin

and gang stalking we say its not that

we say we all do this famous act taking them away by our forced shots to do that to all of them

for our meth and heroin

She says she says shes the save life position by taking the mail thats Nancy Gail Foxs
She says shes planned this out for ages
Her and another woman planned it in 1979
She says they knew her big huge Son of God psychic save life jobs would be sent in the future and they planned to take them when they came
She says they thought it was a job for others to do with her
and they were named to help her
they thought it was for some Mormons and the Levine Brothers family in Bel Air to do clitoral removals and to take people to medical labs for research and they said its to save life
and its not their job at all
its the Mormons clitoral cutters job or the Levine Brothers or the two women who lie its their save life job who planned it since 1979
they say they got the mail sent for Nancy Gail Fox then and her bank information from the Levines they took it all from planes and brought it to them
and they lied she was a punk rocker in New York City in 1979 when she was there on her way back from working on a feature movie in upstate New York in costumes
and they lied they are much better suited for this save life job position
and get clitoruses cut off for the Mormons and the Levines who do I D Theft
she says shes fooled all of L A County for ages by her slanderous remarks
She says Aw come what a piece of crap Nancy Fox is in her whole life
total lies she tells to everyone when shes the piece of crap murdering everyone
shes the one running electronic gang stalking killing everyone in kiddy porn and snuff movies